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Medical Science and the Advancement of World Health,

January 1, 1985, Edited by Robert Lanza, M.D.

After the question of world hunger, the deteriorating state of world health despite unprecedented scientific advances stands as perhaps the greatest failure of our contemporary society. This far-reaching book submits medicine and the medical profession to a critical reappraisal in light of the current state of affairs.

“The idea behind this book is appealing, high-minded, and symbolically attractive- to bring together the work of 21 medical scientists from all over the world who share the conviction that global health is both critically important and critically imperiled and that governments and physicians must quickly learn to transcend geographic and political boundaries or risk losing their patient- the planet…It succeeds because of the power of the facts, and ideas it presents, the urgency of the crisis it describes, and the disquiet-personal, professional, and moral- it creates in the reader.”

-Journal of the American Medical Association

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